An interactive learning programme for kids

An interactive learning programme for kids

An interactive learning programme for kids


‘Seekh’ is a learning tool that enhances the child’s capacity to learn and simultaneously make them fall in love with learning. Seekh consists of a variety of learning, interactive flashcards each one helping your child to learn better

The 14-year-old Avantika Kampani launched 'Seekh' with a mission to bring about a revolutions in children's self-growth and development from the time the are born. It is designed for children ranging from the newborn baby to three years old. It has been prepared with the help of learning experts, doctors and psychologists.

About the beginning of this programme, Avantika said, "My little cousin has been living in our house since the time she was six months old. Seeing him, I realised that young children need to be cared for every second.

At the same time, I researched the brain development of children from a newborn to a five year old. I found that this is the age when children's brains develop rapidly. Along with teaching these children, parents also need to be told how they can help in children's brain development. With these thoughts, I developed the learning programme in collaboration with entrepreneur past Sanghvi, Garima Jindal and Namita Thapar." She collaborated with artists on the design aspect of the product.

"Seekh is a learning tool that comprises interactive flashcards, with each one helping a child's brain grow, as well as giving parents tips on how to strengthen their child's character from day one," says Avantika.

Seekh is divided into six sections, At first sight, count up, touch and feel, building blocks, lets read and link up. With 72 cards, each one helping a different part of the child's brain to develop and grow. For example

At First Sight -Inspired by energising sacred geometry, each card has its own complexity and gives the child something different to look at, keeping their attention intact and helping them develop new neural connections. The three colours used are primary colours - the first colours that a child can see after just seeing in black and white.

Every stage of creating and executing, Seekh had its own ups and downs, whether it was the multiple mock-ups and designs that needed to be created before finding and settling on the perfect one, or pricing the product at a value that was not too expensive but still extremely profitable," said Avantika.

"Seekh cards are also easily translatable allowing it to grow despite language barriers. The design of the Seekh box is also compact and portable, making it travel friendly, capturing the idea of 'learning on the go' perfectly. she added.

Avantika is fond of music. She is also doing a research on music so that Hindustani classical music can help in mental development of children.

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