Women follow their passion and break into traditionally male-dominated industries

Women follow their passion and break into traditionally male-dominated industries

“From Kitchen to Boardroom” celebrates the spirit of women entrepreneurs who fearlessly pursue their passions, transcending traditional boundaries to enter male-dominated industries.

“From Kitchen to Boardroom” celebrates the spirit of women entrepreneurs who fearlessly pursue their passions, transcending traditional boundaries to enter male-dominated industries.

Those were the days when professions were marked by gender distinctions; women have progressively demonstrated their capabilities in the professional arena. It initiated with women entering the job market and showcasing their proficiency across various industries. As time has passed, businesses have come to recognise the impactful contributions of women in the professional landscape, acknowledging their empathy, organisational prowess, and a myriad of other skills that qualify them as exceptional leaders. Presently, achieving gender equality stands as a pivotal factor for the triumph of any organisation, city, or even nation. The essential elements include a genuine will, comprehension within leadership teams, and sustained efforts to foster dialogue within organisations, fostering an environment conducive to women’s success. Concurrently, women have substantiated their competence in entrepreneurship in recent years, with an increasing number of female entrepreneurs excelling across diverse business domains. Meet these women entrepreneurs, who dared to dream and established themselves in different sectors through their hard work.

Vandana Verma Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Wondrlab

“As a co-founder of Wondrlab, India’s largest platform-first martech startup, the one accomplishment that fills me with both humility and pride is the creation of Wisr—a SaaS platform meticulously designed to uplift school infrastructure and elevate teacher salaries across India, all powered by the influence of brands. This journey has been nothing short of thrilling, and as a woman entrepreneur navigating the ever-evolving tech industry, the sense of accomplishment has been immensely gratifying.

Remaining at the forefront of industry trends isn’t just a professional aspiration; it’s a resolute commitment to perpetual innovation. Through Wisr, our innovative SaaS platform seamlessly connecting brands with the enhancement of school infrastructure, my aim transcends mere contribution—it’s about making a lasting impact. As women entrepreneurs, we aren’t just participants in the business landscape; we are the architects of transformative change, actively shaping the trajectory of technology and business with a potent combination of resilience, visionary foresight, and an unyielding determination to redefine industry standards.”

Saakshi Jain, Chief Marketing Advisor at Vahan

In my journey through the ever-changing tech scene, I’ve discovered that success relies on empathy and adaptability. Women entrepreneurs bring a unique blend of tech expertise and a human touch, comprehending both the advancements and the people behind them. This empathy helps spotlight trends close to home, resulting in products that genuinely matter.

Flexibility is crucial as tech moves fast, and women entrepreneurs cultivate environments that welcome versatility and continual learning. Collaboration makes diverse teams ignite innovation and anticipate trends. In the tech world, women entrepreneurs are overcoming obstacles, shaping the future with innovative, flexible approaches. In AI, women carve out spaces with forward-thinking endeavors, giving importance to ethical considerations and challenging stereotypes. They’re ahead of the curve on business trends, demonstrating a keen understanding of consumer needs. In my tech journey, I’ve learned that it’s all about sensing the tech pulse while staying authentic.

Women entrepreneurs bring this dynamic blend of tech smarts and a human touch, grasping the tech and the people behind it. It’s that empathy that helps identify trends that hit home, creating products that truly matter. When it comes to adaptability, it’s about navigating it, keeping things flexible, and never halting the learning process. We’re not just following business trends; we’re steering the ship with a sharp eye on what people truly need. Using AI with finesse for efficiency and exceptional user experiences, we’re altering the script and inspiring the next wave. It’s a human-first perspective; women entrepreneurs are propelling the change, leaving a mark and ensuring the road ahead in tech is all about diversity and inclusion.

Sarbani Bose, Integrator at PRADAN

India has a long history of women taking up new enterprises and establishing their own business. Women’s knowledge and skill around handicrafts, handlooms, spices, and pickle making have been a strength for them which encouraged them to start new enterprises. In the early 90’s it started expanding and the Industrial Policy Resolution of 1991 highlighted the need for growth of women’s entrepreneurship. There were facilitative policies which aimed at increasing investment along with influx of appropriate technologies and market linkages. Breaking the glass ceiling was never easier for women in India. Social norms have been a barrier to women’s economic growth in spite of multiple initiatives by the Government of India for supporting women’s entrepreneurship there are only 20% small, medium and micro enterprises (MSME) currently owned by women.

In 2017 at the 8th Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Women Entrepreneurship Platform was launched. It facilitated in creating a robust ecosystem which can bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship. It is also encouraging to see how more rural women are coming forward for entrepreneurship and are able to take risks in establishing new models. They are not only setting up their enterprises but also providing employment to other women. Startup India Initiative has also focussed on creating more opportunities for women. Flagship programmes like Day-NRLM could connect more women to these schemes and provided linkages with market and finances. Women can contribute significantly to the rural economy if more opportunities are created along with mechanisms to address the knowledge and technology gaps. Financial institutions and markets need to acknowledge the small-scale enterprises run by women and the potential for expanding. Women’s increasing workload both at home and in the community requires recognition and a sensitive approach which can facilitate her to focus more on the growth of her business and her identity in the sector. There are many success stories and we can create more.

Vrinda Arora Co-founder of Foodity

In a narrative of profound transformation, I find myself at the forefront of reshaping industries traditionally deemed exclusive to men. Seamlessly transitioning from kitchens to boardrooms, I embody a steadfast commitment to passion and a resolute determination to challenge entrenched gender stereotypes.

As an entrepreneurial woman, my journey extends beyond merely challenging the status quo; it encompasses a fundamental transformation in realms like technology, finance, and manufacturing. Within these spheres, my endeavors inject a potent blend of innovation, diversity, and a fresh perspective, disrupting norms that have historically marginalised women.

I stand as a living testament to this movement, a visionary professional who defied societal expectations to carve a distinctive niche in environments traditionally led by men. This moment calls for a redefinition of the narrative, a recognition that passion and competence are universal qualities that transcend gender.

The path from the kitchen to the boardroom symbolises not only my individual triumphs but also signifies a collective thrust toward gender equality in professional spaces. My story, interwoven with resilience and determination, underscores the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion, irrespective of societal norms or preconceived industry expectations. As I assert, “It’s about time we collectively acknowledge that expertise knows no gender, and every woman inherently possesses the right to ardently pursue her dreams, even in fields historically considered exclusive.

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