Embracing organic beauty for skin and environment

Embracing organic beauty for skin and environment

Organic beauty has had a recent surge in popularity, but one question we should all ask ourselves before purchasing one is if it is truly organic or...

Organic beauty has had a recent surge in popularity, but one question we should all ask ourselves before purchasing one is if it is truly organic or if beauty firms are simply slapping an organic label on the containers and selling it like a hot dog.

To have a better understanding of what organic beauty really means after its recent surge, IANSlife spoke with Sanjali Giri, VP of International Brands and Retail at House of Beauty.

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What does organic beauty really mean now?

Giri: There is a lot of ambiguity in understanding organic beauty in the market and sometimes it is also perceived as a synonym for Natural. Unlike Natural, the term Organic is highly regulated and certified, which for an A-level organic product should mean more than 70% certified organic ingredients in them. Organic Beauty stands for clean and high-performance skincare and cosmetics that enhance the powerful antioxidants and limit harmful chemical residues and synthetic additives. It is a beauty solution for a clean and conscious lifestyle.

How does Juice Beauty translate this philosophy into your products and formulations?

Giri: Juice Beauty’s philosophy is rooted in two fundamental principles which are Health and Sustainability. The brand believes that what you put on your skin should contribute to your overall well-being and that the planet should benefit from your choices as well. Here’s how we integrate these principles into our products and formulations:

Organic Clean and Sustainable Ingredients: Juice Beauty formulations are created using high-quality, certified organic ingredients. These ingredients are grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides, ensuring both the health of the skin and the environment. The brand sources responsibly, choosing suppliers who share the commitment to sustainability. Juice Beauty believes that clean beauty should be the standard, not the exception.

Farm to Beauty: This journey begins with sourcing the finest organic ingredients from certified organic farms in collaboration with local farmers who share this commitment to sustainability. Juice Beauty’s farm in Healdsburg, Sonoma County showcases the power of its antioxidant-rich ingredients, takes Juice Beauty customers on the journey from sustainable to organic, and also is a source for its grape and olive. Farm to Beauty to your beautiful face.

Performance Products: Focused on delivering high-performance products Juice Beauty has radically changed the chemistry of beauty. It uses Advanced high-potency ingredients a proprietary blend of antioxidant-rich certified organic botanical juices instead of petroleum byproducts, water fillers, or other endocrine-disrupting ingredients.

How does embracing ‘organic’ beauty impact not only our skin but also the environment?

Giri: Embracing ‘organic’ beauty extends benefits beyond our skin, positively influencing the environment in several significant ways like the release of harmful chemicals into the environment, and reducing air and water pollution. It also safeguards the health of farmworkers and nearby communities.

With Organic September upon us, what message would you like to share with individuals who are considering transitioning to ‘organic’ beauty?

Giri: This Organic September, I invite you to take a step towards a more conscious, healthier, and sustainable beauty routine. Explore the world of ‘organic’ beauty with curiosity and enthusiasm. Ask questions, demand transparency, and make choices that resonate with your values.

Choose complete well-being for a holistic lifestyle change. When you make the switch to organic, you are choosing to nourish your skin with ingredients that are free from synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals. Your skin, your body’s largest organ, deserves the very best nature has to offer.

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