A Journey Through Dance

A Journey Through Dance

Reflections and expectations mirroring the self

Anju Aravind, HCU student pursuing her Ph.D., presented a mesmerising solo Bharatanatyam recital titled “Swadhyaya - Mirroring Self” at Rangbhoomi on Friday evening. The recital delved into the profound concept of self-exploration and the transformative power of dance as a medium for introspection.

Adorned in a harmonious ensemble of rust brown and white flecked green, Anju gracefully opened her performance with “Kande Na Natarajana” in latangi, a majestic kriti composed by Yoga Narasimhacharya. Her abhinaya, imbued with deep reverence and devotion, portrayed the yearning of a devotee seeking the divine presence of Lord Shiva. The intricate jathis, executed with impeccable precision and energy, showcased her mastery of dance technique, eliciting applause from the enthralled audience.

Anju’s rendition of Pada varnam in ragamalika on Anjaneya, choreographed by Gurumurthy, was a captivating portrayal of the valiant monkey god’s multifaceted character. With finesse and grace, she captured Anjaneya’s strength, loyalty, dedication, and unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. The episodic scenes, including Hanuman’s mistaken pursuit of the sun, his epic journey across the ocean, and his tender supplication to Rama, were vividly brought to life through Anju’s masterful abhinaya and expressive movements.

The Ashtapadi “Sakhi He”, a predominantly abhinaya piece interspersed with nritta, unfolded the tender emotions between Radha and Krishna. Anju’s eloquent portrayal of Radha’s longing and reminiscence of their magical moments with Krishna was a captivating display of mukhabhinaya, conveying shades of shyness, bliss, and the ecstasy of fulfilled desire. The recital culminated in a scintillating Thillana in madhuvanthi, an elegant fusion of melody and rhythmic sequences. The sahityam embedded in the pure dance was beautifully interpreted, showcasing Anju’s creative vision and deep understanding of the art form. The rendition of the Tulsidas bhajan “Sri Ramachandra Kripalu” in kalyani was a departure from the traditional interpretation, presented as a soothing lullaby sung by Kausalya, Lord Rama’s mother, as she cradles and soothes her infant son. Anju’s enchanting performance was a fitting conclusion to a remarkable recital that resonated with the audience long after the final curtain fell.

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