Zen and Yoga

Zen and Yoga

Zen and Yoga


The word “Zen” comes from the Sanskrit word “Dhyan.”

The word "Zen" comes from the Sanskrit word "Dhyan." Gautama the Buddha taught Dhyan. Bodhidharma carried Dhyan to China, where it became Chan. This Chan went further down into Far East Asian countries, where it became Zen. It is not very different from what yoga is. It is just yoga. What we call yoga, they call Zen.

In yoga, we present the same thing as a science while in Zen it is handled as an art form. To appreciate art, you need to be evolved in a certain way. But everyone can enjoy the fruits of science. Zen became popular because at a certain time, for about four to five centuries, continuously, a series of very extraordinary Masters came because of whom Zen has taken on a different kind of aura and quality.

In the path of Zen, there was a person whose name was Huitti. Everybody respected him as a Zen Master, but he never had any teachings to give. He carried a huge bag on his shoulders and in every town and village he went to, children would gather around him and he would distribute sweets and then leave. That's all! People would come and ask for teachings. He would just laugh and walk away. One day, another Zen Master, Nbanin, wanted to know whether Huitti was really in Zen or not. So he asked him, "What is Zen?" Immediately, Huitti dropped the sack and stood straight. And then he asked, "What is the goal of Zen?" Huitti took the sack on his shoulders and walked away. This is what yoga is also about; that is what every spiritual sadhana is about.

When you want to attain to yoga or Zen or whatever you call it, you have to drop your load, discard everything that is on the way, remain free, and stand up straight. This is important. With your load you may never be able to do it. One can also do it with their load on their back, but that is very rare. I don't know in how many millions there is such a person.

What is the goal of yoga? Then, take up the whole load once again! But now it is no more a load; it does not feel like a load because you know the whole thing is there, but is not really there.

Anyway it does not matter whether you live or die. Tomorrow morning, if all of us disappear from this planet, it really does not make any difference. A few more fools will cry, a few more fools will yell and once again they too will die, once again they will be born. Maybe if you die, at least they will start thinking, "What the hell is this life about?" If you go on living, probably they will never even think along those lines. Lots of people have settled down into their comforts so well, they even think they are immortal. This is absolute stupidity.

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