Travel with Health

Travel with Health

Can holidays be healthy? SHOULD holidays be healthy is probably the right question! Isn’t it the time to let go, indulge and enjoy!

Can holidays be healthy? SHOULD holidays be healthy is probably the right question! Isn't it the time to let go, indulge and enjoy! It absolutely is, however why not garnish it with health too? That way the fun gets even better! For health ensures energy, vitality and well-being – the pre-requisites to real fun! Ever heard of the term – I need a holiday after a holiday! As you come back feeling exhausted, confused, lethargic and sick at times, you wish to postpone work and the routine seems drab. However, what about a holiday where you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and waiting to get back to your home and work. That's what a real holiday is and that's absolutely what health offers. Eating delicious healthy food and staying away from the wrong food does miracles! You can do much more in the time you have and truly enjoy your holiday.

Tips to include Health in your Travels..

Whatever destination you may choose, you can ensure health anywhere

All you need to do is be prepared. So log unto your computer and search about healthy food options, organic stores, vegan-friendly hotels and restaurants at your destination. One very rarely gets disappointed here!

Choose a house-stay or a hotel apartment if possible

In this way you can whip up your smoothies, store your fruits and salads and sometimes cook as a family too, if time permits.

Carry healthy snacks along with you

Nuts, dry-fruits, khakras, energy bars, oil-free theplas, organic fruits etc can be carried along. We have some recipes on our website too.

Choose flights which provide vegan options

However do carry something to eat on the flight too, for it's better to be safe than sorry! If you are travelling by road or rail, the same thing applies!

Voice your preferences

While dining out, request the staff for oil-free and dairy-free options. There will always be something there. However listen to your body's preference too! You don't want to over-eat and feel sick, so stop when you feel 80% full!

Buy local and feel like one!

It's fun going to the local organic store and buying fresh fruits and salad vegetables that you can carry with you the whole day.

Sleep early and rise early

That really makes a BIG difference. Watch the sun rise, go for a short walk or run, stretch, enjoy the fresh air before you step out for sight-seeing.

Feature Nature in your travel

Try and do some activity close to nature. Staying in a nature resort is another cool option. Natures only gives but are we ready to take?

Cut down on alcohol or fizzy drinks

These only drain you. Opt for water, fresh juices or lemonades.

Try something you have never done before

New experiences are great for mental health. Scuba-diving, a new massage therapy, volunteering at a local organisation, visiting a mine, joining a class…there are options galore!

Play games

While you are travelling or having a meal, play interesting word or board games as a family. At dinner, review the whole day and ask each other what was the best part of the day, and which experience was not as good!


Before retiring for the day, each member shares three things that they are grateful for.

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