Insta-worthy cafes across India

Insta-worthy cafes across India

The surge of new cafes in India is sprouting up in every nook and cranny, but is it only a haven for delicious cuisine or is it also a location worth checking out for Instagram?

The surge of new cafes in India is sprouting up in every nook and cranny, but is it only a haven for delicious cuisine or is it also a location worth checking out for Instagram?

We has selected some of the top cafes in India for you to visit for wonderful meals and beautiful photos. Exactly why not? Right!

As festive season begins let thy food sojourn begin for capturing priceless moments...

Blah, Mumbai

Blah (Mumbai, Maharashtra) Nestled in the heart of BKC, Mumbai, Blah is a casual all-day bar and cafe that exudes a unique charm. Designed by the ingenious architect Keith Menon and his brilliant team Spiro Spero, this cafe breaks away from the conventional norms of bars and cafes. With its high ceilings and flexible layout, Blah offers a soft and approachable vibe that invites guests to unwind and explore. Divided into four distinct sections, including a trendy bar and lounge area, a cozy private dining space, a delightful high tea setup, and an indoor garden-like oasis, this cafe promises a delightful experience at every turn. Don’t forget to marvel at their innovative indoor micro greens and herb setup, which not only adds a touch of greenery but also provides fresh ingredients for their culinary delights. With its captivating interiors adorned with exquisite cane weaving, lush plants, and intricate metalwork, every nook and cranny of Blah is an Instagram-worthy masterpiece waiting to be captured.

Cafe Corra, Mumbai

Cafe Corra offers a picturesque Bali-themed interior. Drawing inspiration from the serene and upscale cafes of Bali, Corra boasts a vintage wooden and white decor scheme. The cafe’s open coffee bar invites you in with its inviting ambiance.

This cafe exudes a socially sober and aesthetically minimal atmosphere, featuring bamboo-based decor elements throughout. From the seating to ceiling lamps and lush greenery strategically placed, Corra creates a tranquil and easy-going environment that transports you to the relaxing vibes of Bali.

ViVi Italian Bar & Kitchen, Thane

Situated within Thane Club, ViVi, designed by Ankita Sharma from Design Alma, offers a picturesque al-fresco dining experience next to an Olympic-size pool.

The interior welcomes you with an enchanting aisle adorned with red flowers, leading to a beautifully decorated space featuring a small chandelier, artificial greenery, and a charming creeper-covered lattice. White-coloured surroundings house colourful chairs, marble tables, and poolside cane swings visible through glass walls with elegant curtains.

The interior design also incorporates original plants and intriguing antique replicas, such as typewriters and telephones, while quirky portraits with humorous captions add to the unique and inviting ambiance.

Shy Cafe, Chembur

Shy, an experiential brand-new all-day cafe and bar is an amalgamation of vintage interiors, global modern cuisine, and craft cocktails, this new 4500 sq. ft space specialises in flawlessly combining global cuisines and providing a tantalising experience. The modern vintage ambience is created by Tejal Mathur, the ace interior designer. Tejal Mathur’s Design aesthetic believes in the blend of handcrafted elements and specially sourced pieces to create the comfort of the organic and timelessness to the spaces designed for the way we live today.

A Japanese-inspired QSR located at Select CityWalk, Saket and Ambience Mall, Gurugram. The most instagrammable cafe in town has been winning hearts across NCR with its gastronomical delights straight from the streets of Tokyo and Osaka that have been uniquely curated for the Indian audience.

QLA- Delhi

Nestled in the winding lanes of Mehrauli, Qla is sure to turn your frown into a smile when it comes to the best Instagram-worthy Cafe in town. Qla is an exquisite European cafe offers its guests a truly unique and unforgettable cafe experience with a majestic Qutub view. Every nook and corner of this establishment is carefully thought out, from the exquisite menu to the unique decor.

Diona, Jaipur

Diona, a never seen before experiential property in Jaipur. A project by Prime Hospitality, it is one of the biggest rooftop lounges of India, spanning over an area of 36,000 sq ft, with expansive indoor and outdoor venues. Diona Jaipur raises the bar -both literally and figuratively. It isn’t a place, but a lifestyle. The entire architecture and interiors of the lifestyle destination are reminiscent of a Grecian holiday. It can accommodate multiple private parties at a time with their 5 serving bars at different decks to facilitate the crowd and hosts a beautiful infinity pool on the 12th floor overlooking the city with a 180-degree wide view. The whitewashed walls, rustic open spaces, and the quintessential Santorini blue transport you to the Greek isle while you are in the heart of Jaipur.

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