Every day is mother’s day

Every day is mother’s day

Every day is mother’s day


When we say “mother,” we usually refer to the one who gave birth to us.

When we say “mother,” we usually refer to the one who gave birth to us. But there are millions of “motherly” forces working for you every moment, unasked. The planet itself is like a pressurised compartment, maintaining the perfect pressure for you. With every breath that you take, the air is not escaping from the atmosphere and denying you. With every step that you take, the planet is not breaking up. You are not standing on solid ground as you believe. The solid ground is floating in nothingness and no one knows the depth of that nothingness. Still, every day the planet spins, the sun comes up, your life goes on. Just look at how many forces are working to keep you alive.

There was a time when India as a culture and society looked upon the earth and all aspects that nourished people on this planet as feminine and motherly. We call the planet Mother Earth.

The nation itself is conceptualised as Bharat Mata. So, it was very natural to care for the earth. But today, for the first time in human history, we have to talk about protecting the planet because once humanity lost that culture, we started seeing things as “it,” and, we do anything with “it.” Slow-witted humanity is taking a lot of time to realise that what is “it,” is you and me too, because what you call “my body” is just the earth in recycle. In the body that you carry right now, what came out of your mother’s womb is hardly there; it is all from mother earth.

I am not trying to belittle the biological mother, but it’s important to appreciate both our biological mothers and mother earth. Every day of your life, you should appreciate all the things and people who are contributing to you. The reason these days were fixed is because otherwise, people will never think of their mother. Cultures have become like this. One must be conscious that this life is not conducted by you; you did not give birth to this. So, for everything that nature and people around you are providing, shouldn’t you bow down in absolute gratitude? So let’s make every day Mother’s Day, because if you look at it closely enough, there isn’t one thing in creation without which you can exist.

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