When two hearts are destined to meet, impossibilities turn into possibilities.

When two hearts are destined to meet, impossibilities turn into possibilities. A story within a story, ‘Love Remains Undefined’ is a true account of two strangers, who become Facebook friends and finally become more than friends, only to keep the end unpredictable. Their discourse traverses’ realms both personal and profound, fraught with tantalizing promises and poignant sacrifices. As she recoils in apprehension, haunted by the specter of fear, he embraces the silence, a silent sentinel of hope awaiting her eventual return. The identities of the protagonists remain untold till the end, allowing readers to work on multiple endings.

Author- Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva

Publisher- Griffin Publication

Price- Rs 249/

‘Whispers From My Window’ is a collection of sixty-two prose write ups which are people - centric and depict the Nostalgic Roots, Social Pathways and Spiritual Trails that constitute our lives and determine our innate demeanour and determination.

The book is a heartfelt and engaging compilation of memories and reflections. It not only captures the essence of author’s personal experiences but also offers universal insights into life’s challenges and joys. Grab a copy today to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of storytelling.

Author- Dr Ritu Kamra Kumar

Publisher- Authorspress

Price- Rs.395/

We all face problems in life. The entire story of life is – ‘A Story of Faith and Miracles’. Glancing at the cover page of the book, three scenarios come to the mind. First, while encountering misadventures in life humans look to a superior energy for help and assistance to overcome the situation. The second could be that individuals capitulate under pressure. The third scenario is that humans surrender to the majestic power with absolute faith; and then miracles happen. In this book one can discover how to deal with your inner voice and cross the Rubicon.

Author- Ravi Valluri

Publisher- AkS Publishing House

Price- Rs.219/

Step into the world of ‘Alchemy of Reflections,’ a treasury of 540 profound quotes distilled from a 54-year journey by the remarkable Prof. Dr Parin Somani. Each quote within this inspiring compilation is a testament to a year of dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of people across the globe. As you peruse these carefully crafted words of wisdom, you are invited on a unique voyage—a voyage through the life experiences of Prof. Dr Parin Somani, a journey marked by tireless dedication and an unyielding desire to contribute to humanity’s well-being. A must-read book!

Author – Prof. Dr Parin Somani

Publisher - Griffin Publication

Price - Rs 399/

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