‘Hues of Rainbow’ is a deeply engaging collection which consists of eighteen women centric short stories.

‘Hues of Rainbow’ is a deeply engaging collection which consists of eighteen women centric short stories. All the stories are unfolded in a vivid backdrop of Bengali culture and tradition. Each story features different characters, with a woman protagonist as the epitome of love, care, and affection, and they are celebrated as one of God’s finest creations. The book can be your great companion during the sultry days of scorching summers.

Author - Rajashree Chakraborty

Publisher- Highbrow Scribes Publications

Price- Rs.299/

‘Where the Dead Come Alive’ is the story of Nidhi, an orphan, who is shocked to see Dharampal again. The man died a year ago.

Nidhi, a journalist, decides to dive deep and unravel the mystery behind this occurrence. She decides to involve Rachna and Rachna’s boyfriend Raunak in the investigation. They are taken to a place where Dharampal makes them meet many like him. They call it their cult. She is shaken after she realises that somehow, she is also related to the cult. A book filled with thrill.

Author: Sugandha Pallan

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing


Embark on a transformative journey with Dr Satish M Bhavankar, a passionate entrepreneur and mentor with a PhD in Management. Forget cookie-cutter formulas; this book ‘Don’t Think Big, Think Giant’ unveils the secrets of turning passion into profit, transforming setbacks into stepping stones, and building startups that defy gravity. Whether you’re a wide-eyed dreamer, intrapreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, let Dr Bhavankar’s scars and triumphs guide you through the exhilarating yet unforgiving terrain of entrepreneurship. Turn the pages and discover the tools to unlock your boundless potential and achieve monumental success. Really, this book is going to be a deeply engaging read.

Author- Dr Satish M Bhavankar

Publisher- Mind U Read Media

Price- Rs.699/

Little things, you know? They aren’t little. They are meant for you to connect the dots and give a warm hug to your life. Do you see the beauty of those little things in life that bring so much joy to your soul?

‘It’s Always About Little Things’ is a collection of prose offering new ways of seeing ourselves, the world around us, and all those little things that bring meaning to your life. Pick up this book when you need respite from heat wave and comfort. It will transport you into a different realm.

Author- Sonali Sharma

Publisher - Notion press

Price- Rs.200/-

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