Blending it with style and oomph

Blending it with style and oomph

Aryan Patel popularly known as DJ Aryan is a self-learned artist and takes pride in constantly re-inventing his music and exploring new genres and styles in his music

Aryan Patel popularly known as DJ Aryan is passionate about Music. His musical journey started in 2012 as an assistant DJ in Mumbai's local scene which helped him understand the nitty-gritty of DJ'ing and the music industry, and ever since he has come a long way from doing residencies at various venues and 5-star properties such as House of Nomad, Taj Lands End Mumbai, EAU Bar, The Oberoi at Nariman Point in Mumbai. He is a self-learned artist and takes pride in constantly re-inventing his music and exploring new genres and styles in his music.

DJ Aryan's highlight of his career is performing with artists such as Lost Stories, Teri Miko, Madoc, Pro Bro, Zaeden, Nawed Khan, etc. He has now become an individual entity and has worked hard to build his brand over the past ten years into an extremely energetic, enthusiastic DJ, who has a keen musical understanding of his audience. He is solely remembered for the ever-grooving music that he plays to lure my audience into a groove and vibe.

A few artists Aryan is inspired by are Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta. Aryan states that his aim is to someday collaborate with the sensational Indie heartthrob and talented voice of India - Artist Prateek Kuhad. Internationally, He aims to collaborate with Dean Lewis to create some banging music.

In his upcoming music, Aryan is exploring genres, moving out of his comfort zone, and creating tracks that are sensationally new and unheard. He has been working on a couple of albums and single projects simultaneously, hence, a lot of music coming your way!

He is soon releasing his Debut Electronic Dance single 'Safe And Sound'. It's a song that's groovy, and has the correct vibe to bring in a holiday or chill mood to one's busy life; a track to unwind on a weekend in a club, or just cruise to in your car as well. The inspiration for the track came from Tiesto's 'The Motto', says the young and promising talent DJ Aryan.

The message of the song revolves around the meaning of love. It's about the nature of love that demands us to take care & keep our loved ones safe, and out of trouble and help them become better versions of themselves.

Speaking about his journey, Aryan said, "It was actually after I finished school, I was not really great at academics. However, I was good at all extracurricular activities. My neighbour was a DJ then, and I was very intrigued by the work that he was doing. I asked my neighbour if it was possible to take me with him, and he gracefully agreed. I started accompanying him at most of his private parties. I took this opportunity and utilised it to observe him pressing buttons & turning random knobs on the console. This lit a fire in me and piqued my curiosity. And after six months of silently observing and learning, I started experimenting and playing with the console post my neighbours' parties. That's when I knew this is what I was meant to do! The knobs turning finally lit a spark in me that burned brighter and fueled my ambition!"

Speaking about his family support, Aryan says, "I was kicked out of the house for about a month. I belong to a middle-class family, hence, my parents like most others had a very mainstream plan for me. They wanted me to build a career as a Software engineer. We can't really blame them, they haven't really seen the music industry as we see it now. However, after years of unacceptance and criticism, they somehow realised how ambitious I was and how much being behind the console made me happy! And here I am, after making my way to DJing, a decade later, releasing my very first single."

Wishing more than 10000 people at a time sharp 12 am is very emotional moment for me. "I performed for a huge audience in Ahmedabad on New Years' eve 2019, with 10,000 plus people. It was massive & got tears in my eyes while I wished everyone happy new year sharp at 12 am. I would say Ahmedabad has my heart. My fellow colleagues won't agree with me on this since it's a dry state, however, in my experience, the energy people have in that city blows my mind always," Aryan says.

Speaking about future plans and recent song "Safe & Sound," he says, "I'm working on a couple of singles. It's honestly astonishing & thrilling to see my ideas becoming reality. I'd like to bring a significant difference in our music industry & inspire others to do the same."

"About Safe & Sound; the response to my debut single has been incredible. My audience are loving the song and how! The response has bought so much motivation in me to create more music. Just the other day one of my friends called & said "I randomly walked into a cafe & Safe & Sound was going on!" It made me so happy," Aryan concluded.

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