Bejan Daruwalla’s horoscope

Bejan Daruwalla’s horoscope

Ganesha says if any case is pending in the court, you may feel uneasy thinking about its outcome.


Ganesha says if any case is pending in the court, you may feel uneasy thinking about its outcome. Due to this, the family atmosphere will also appear disturbed. People who drive will need to be more careful while driving this week. Because you may violate traffic rules like talking on the phone, driving at high speed, etc., for which you will have to pay a heavy fine. This may cause you financial loss as well as wasting your time. You will not get the support of your family in any major decision taken in your personal life.


Ganesha says this week, you will have to remove the fog prevailing over you with your efforts by adopting positivity in your thinking. Because you have to understand that this very dust is hindering your progress. So this is the time to come out of this and do something good. This week you will get support from your friends, but differences of opinion with family members on some small matter can disturb the peace at home. Due to this, there will be a possibility of developing wrong feelings towards them in your mind.


Ganesha says this week you may feel like eating sweet things. Which you will also be seen completing. But during this time you should not forget that this desire of yours can give you the problem of diabetes or weight gain in the future. Those businessmen who had earlier made a deal to get a profit may get a big auspicious sign this week. Because your deal may be successful, it will give you the possibility of getting money or profit soon. This week, many people in your family will not be seen talking to you directly, the reason for which may be that you consider yourself supreme.


Ganesha says this week, people of this zodiac sign will be less likely to suffer from any major illness other than minor health problems. However, in case of any seasonal illness, instead of treating it at home, you are advised not to take medicines without a doctor’s advice. This week you will suddenly get money from new sources, which will keep your mind happy. This will not only increase the positivity in your mind but you can also plan to take a gift for the younger members of the family while going home.


Ganesha says this week you need to work on things that can improve your health. For this, you will have to eat fruits and green leafy vegetables while eating a good diet. If married, married people are advised to take special care of their children from the beginning of this week. Because there is a possibility that due to their poor health, you may have to spend a lot of money on their health. Due to this, there will be a possibility of your financial condition worsening in the coming time.


Ganesha says this week is bringing special auspicious results in the lives of those people who were suffering from eye-related disorders. During this time you will not only be successful in taking proper and proper care of your eyes, but can also take any decision to improve them. This week you have to understand that as long as you have money in front of you, your expenses will continue to increase at the same pace. In such a situation, before all the money is exhausted, you will have to keep your extra money in a safe place from where it will not be easy for you to withdraw it.


Ganesha says this week you may feel a lack of confidence. Due to this, you will not be able to make any important decisions. Therefore, you have to remember that a lot rests on your shoulders, and keeping this in mind, you have to make the right and clear decision at the right time. This week, whatever plans you had made earlier regarding financial matters may become completely useless. Due to this, you will have to borrow money and it can also put you under mental stress.


Ganesha says from a health point of view, this week will be better than usual for you. Because this week the vision of your zodiac lord will not let you suffer from any major disease. Although you will have to face some minor physical problems from time to time, your health will improve significantly compared to before and you will feel positive changes in your health. If a large part of the money was stuck somewhere for a long time in the form of compensation and loan etc


Ganesha says this week you have to be especially careful about your company. Because a selfish person from your company may become a cause of stress for you. If you do business in partnership, then this week you will have to improve your relationship with your partner. Because only by doing this you will be able to earn good financial profits with their help. Therefore, keeping this in mind, keep moving your efforts in the right direction.


Ganesha says this week, due to your poor health, you will see an increase in negative thoughts in your mind. Therefore, improve your health, because you also understand well that a weak body makes a person’s mind also weak. You also understand very well that if you are getting financial benefits at this time, such a situation doesn’t need to continue tomorrow also. In such a situation, it would be better that you prepare in advance for every future economic challenge and invest wisely.


Ganesha says this week you should avoid all kinds of travel, otherwise, you will feel tired and stressed. Whose negative impact will also be visible on your health. Because during this time you are likely to get benefits and rewards from the government, which will give you a good level of benefits. Your energetic, lively, and warm behavior will bring happiness to people around you, especially your family members. Due to this, you will get love and affection from your parents also. This week, your mind will be more focused on fulfilling your luxuries than on work.


Ganesha says this time is very important for you from a health point of view. Because you will not have to face health-related problems during this period, you will be seen including yoga and exercise in your daily routine to keep yourself healthy. This week you will have to go on some kind of journey. Although this will give you some relief from your busy routine, this journey can also prove to be tiring and stressful. All your tiredness will go away when you are successful in earning good money financially during this journey with your efforts.

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