A 'saviour' for scores of students

Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao distributing groceries to the needy in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao distributing groceries to the needy in times of the Covid-19 pandemic


Lecturer Chiranjeevi Rao says that he wants to adopt poor students and empower them with education

He is quite popular among aspirants preparing for competitive exams in both the Telugu states as he motivates them to achieve their goals and instills confidence in them to stretch beyond their boundaries.

Meet Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao, an expert in economics, an author and a lecturer.

His humble beginnings and challenges experienced during his childhood days did not deter him from stepping beyond the constraints, standing out in the field of economics and contributing to society.

Even as he failed Class X in his school days, the failure transformed Chiranjeevi to such an extent that it changed the rest of his life.

After his initial failure in Class X, his academic years saw a drastic change as he was guided by a team of teachers who helped him become a topper in Intermediate. "Thankfully, I was taught under the able leadership of lecturer PV Jagannadha Rao then. After completing Intermediate as a college topper, I was a topper in degree, AUCET, PG and B.Ed entrance test as well," recalls Chiranjeevi.

Currently working as economics lecturer of Government Degree College, Sabbavaram, Anakapalli district, Chirnajeevi essays a larger than life role to help not just the student community but contributes dearly to the world of academics and social service.

Having lost his father at a very young age, Chiranjeevi's mother Chilakamma used to sew 'patravali' (vistara aaku) leaves for livelihood. "My childhood struggles made me realise the importance of education and the impact of its absence as well. By doing a part time job, I used to meet mess expenses and set aside a portion of the income to get a pair of chappals and clothes for the year," explains Chiranjeevi.

Before becoming a lecturer, Chiranjeevi forayed into the education field as Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT). Later, he worked as a school assistant and junior lecturer. As soon as he became a SGT, Chiranjeevi began guiding for career aspirants belonging to weaker sections free of cost.

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lecturer and his wife TM Aravinda Niveditha, who is an Assistant Professor of Botany at Dr. VS Krishna Government College, contributed a month's salary, to reach out to 1,300 families in their hometown and help them meet their daily requirements and essential supplies.

In order to guide group-II aspirants preparing for competitive exams, Chiranjeevi authored a book and sold it at a nominal cost of Rs.18 per copy. Back then, 15 bits from that particular book appeared for the entrance exam. Followed by an overwhelming response from the aspirants, Chiranjeevi continued writing books for the students. 'Indian Economy' with five revised editions, 'Indian Budget 2019-20', 'Andhra Pradesh Rashtra Ardhika Muka Chitram' are some of his books written in Telugu. "In order to make it affordable for the students, I used to focus on printing, publishing and marketing along with writing," he shares.

Following his remarkable contribution to the education field, he became more popular as 'economy' Chiranjeevi rather than 'Vepada Chiranjeevi'. He has been adored by scores of students as he imparts the subject in such a way that would help them retain for a longer period by sharing simple and easy techniques.

In the days to come, the lecturer intends to adopt 10 poor students and empower them with free education.

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