Noble profession that spawns all professions

Noble profession that spawns all professions

Every nation depends on the youth for its growth and development. As their primary role, the teachers are responsible for ensuring a good learning and growing environment for the bright future of a nation

Every nation depends on the youth for its growth and development. As their primary role, the teachers are responsible for ensuring a good learning and growing environment for the bright future of a nation. They are truly the backbone of society. They are role models to children, offer guidance and dedication and give young people the power of education. Because of teachers, countries are able to further develop socially and economically. Without them, we wouldn’t have scientists, doctors, engineers, film makers, artists and entrepreneurs, the seven wonders of the world, the superman or the internet.

Since ancient times, the teachers have been considered a symbol of truth, beauty and purity. Ancient India valued teachers particularly for their selfless service, high learning and morality. Society and communities respect and revere teachers and they are the role models both for pupils and parents. They not only teach the children, but they nurture the young minds delicately with love, care and provide strong support that allows them to grow. The teacher is an integral part in the life of a student. If students have achieved something big in life, it’s the guidance of the teachers at the right time. Setting the classroom tone, adding warmth to the environment, mentoring and nurturing students’ minds while being their role models, listening to their problems patiently and looking for any signs of trouble in their learning as well as personal lives (teenagers and senior students). A world without a teacher would be definitely chaotic.

Teachers are responsible for social behaviour in the classroom. The behaviour is primarily a reflection of the actions of teachers and the environment set by them. I still fondly remember my Infant class teacher. In those days, we did not have so many sections of Kinder Garten and admission was hassle free. Leaving me at my classroom, my elder sister disappeared to her class. A petite young woman in a voile cotton saree, with a smile on her face appeared at the door. Mrs. Solomon held my hand and walked me to her table. She was kind, gentle, caring and loving. Even after six and a half decades my mind can still visualise her Angelic face.

Students usually mimic their teachers. Being sportive creates a warm, healthy and happy environment and the result is, better and focussed learning. I always mimicked my class 7 English teacher Mrs. Reuben who always spoke in heavily accented English. Imitating her was fun and I was encouraged by a group of sycophants. One day I was caught while in action. My future looked bleak and my thoughts ran wild, imagined all sorts of punishments while she was approaching me. But to my surprise, I was asked to repeat my performance in front of her. I almost fainted when she walked out of the classroom with a smile. I wholeheartedly thank her, for what I am today.

Mentoring is a greatest quality that comes naturally to a teacher. Mentoring motivates students to make efforts for the best they can do and encourages them to learn with interest. The most important part of mentoring is listening to the students. By taking time to listen to what students have to say, the teacher imparts an ownership to the classroom. I hated Mathematics and Civics and never showed any interest in these subjects. It was my Class 9 Mathematics teacher Mrs Augustine and my class 11 Civics teacher Mrs Lakshmi, who mentored me, encouraged me and created interest in these subjects. With in no time, I got a hang on the subjects and there was no turning back.

The teachers are protectors. They are supposed to look for the signs of trouble in the students. Any sign of behavioral change or physical abuse does not escape the teacher’s keen eye. They are no less than James Bond. If needed, they don’t hesitate to have one-to-one conversation to reconnect and discuss any concerns that might have arisen in their absence.

There are only a very few people in our lives who impact our world and teachers are definitely one of them. Only teachers can see the potential of their students when others fail. Teachers also decide the fate of a nation as the youth are in their hands. If the youth is educated and well informed, the future of the country will be in safe hands. The role of a teacher is very demanding with changing techniques and new challenges.

God is the Creator and the teacher is the Curator. God gives the form and the teacher presents to the world a perfectly chiseled shape. The teachers are Angels in the guise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.

(This article is dedicated to all my teachers and to the teaching fraternity

of the world)

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