Video: Fans Flock to See Vijay Deverakonda at ATA Women’s Forum in USA

Video: Fans Flock to See Vijay Deverakonda at ATA Women’s Forum in USA

Vijay Deverakonda was mobbed by fans for selfies at the ATA Women’s Forum in the USA, creating a viral moment as he navigated through the excited crowd.

Telugu superstar Vijay Deverakonda's immense popularity knows no bounds! A recent video from the American Telugu Association (ATA) Women's Forum in the USA showcases the actor's heartwarming interaction with his fans.

The video captures Deverakonda navigating a sea of enthusiastic admirers, all eager for selfies and a glimpse of the star. Dressed in a cool, casual ensemble of an all-black blazer and a yellow beanie, Deverakonda's smile shines through despite the throng of fans. Even with security personnel present, the sheer number of well-wishers makes it a delightful challenge for him to move through the venue. This outpouring of affection comes during Deverakonda's US vacation with his family.

On the professional front, while his last film, ‘The Family Star,’ didn't find box office success, the future promises to be exciting. Deverakonda has announced two captivating projects: a historical drama, ‘VD14,’ and a period thriller, ‘SVC59’.

Deverakonda's personal life also continues to spark interest. Recent reports suggested a birthday celebration with rumoured girlfriend Rashmika Mandanna in Abu Dhabi. Though neither actor confirmed the vacation, social media sleuths noticed location hints that fueled the speculation.

Earlier, a trip to the Maldives by the rumoured couple had sent fans into a frenzy, with whispers of a possible engagement. However, Deverakonda firmly shut down these rumours, clarifying that he has no plans to get engaged or married anytime soon.

In a previous interview promoting ‘The Family Star,’ when asked about his romantic relationships, Deverakonda took a witty approach. He playfully stated that he was indeed in a relationship—with his family! "Yes, with my parents, with my brother, with you, and we all are in a relationship," he quipped.

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