Sharwanand Drops A Tweet And Confirms That He Met With A Minor Car Accident

Actor Sharwanand

Actor Sharwanand 


  • Actor Sharwanand met with a minor road accident…
  • His health condition is stable and he also confirmed it through his Twitter page…

Tollywood’s ace actor Sharwanand met with a minor road accident. According to the initial reports, the accident took place last night in Hyderabad but nothing to worry as Sharwanand just had a minor injury and his health condition is stable. Even Sharwa dropped a tweet and confirmed that he is fine and there is nothing to worry about it…

His tweet reads, “There has been news that my car met with an accident this morning. It was a very minor incident. I am absolutely safe and sound at Home with all your love and blessings. There is nothing to worry about. Thank you all for your concern. Have a great Sunday everyone.”

Even PR Vamsi also confirmed the news through his Twitter page…

His post reads, “హీరో శర్వానంద్ ప్రయాణిస్తున్న కారు ఫిల్మ్ నగర్ జంక్షన్ దగ్గర అదుపు తప్పిన సంఘటన చోటుచేసుకుంది. ఈ సంఘటనలో ఎవరికీ ఎలాంటి గాయాలు కాలేదు. అందరూ క్షేమంగా వున్నారు. కారుకి మాత్రం చిన్న గీతలు పడ్డాయి. చాలా స్వల్ప సంఘటన. ఎవరూ ఆందోళన పడాల్సిన అవసరం లేదు.

-టీమ్ శర్వానంద్”.

According to the sources, Sharwanand was travelling in his Range Rover car last night and suddenly the car lost control and over-tuned near the Filmnagar junction. Immediately he was shifted to the hospital as the car had enough safety measures it made him escape from a major accident. The complete details about the accident are expected to be out soon!

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