Prashanth Varma's Tweet Raises Expectations for 'Jai Hanuman'

Prashanth Varmas Tweet Raises Expectations for Jai Hanuman

Surprise superhero flick ‘Hanuman’ smashed box office records and dominated Zee5. A sequel, ‘Jai Hanuman,’ is in the works, teasing a new fantastical location and possibly starring Rana.

Directed by Prasanth Varma, ‘Hanuman’ wasn't your typical superhero movie. Released during the festive season of Sankranti, it smashed box office records, proving that a compelling story and strong performances could propel a mid-range film to dizzying heights. Teja Sajja and Amrita Iyer delivered captivating performances, drawing audiences into the world of ‘Hanuman.’

But the movie's impact wasn't confined to theatres. It found a second life on the streaming platform Zee5, where it amassed a record-breaking 102 million viewing minutes in just 11 hours. This immense viewership cemented ‘Hanuman’ as a true crowd-pleaser.

The movie's magic lies not just in its action and effects, but also in its world-building. Anjanadri, the fictional village where the story unfolds, captured the imagination of viewers. Now, the upcoming sequel, ‘Jai Hanuman,’ promises to expand this fantastical universe with the introduction of 2.O., a breathtaking village nestled amidst picturesque seaside hills.

‘Hanuman’ achieved what many big-budget movies with established stars couldn't. It shattered box office records, crossing the coveted Rs 300 crore mark and becoming the highest-grossing Pongal film ever. Its success transcended regional boundaries, setting a new benchmark in the Hindi market with net collections of Rs 50 crore.

With ‘Hanuman,’ director Prasanth Varma established himself as a force to be reckoned with. The upcoming sequel, ‘Jai Hanuman,’ has generated immense buzz. Reports suggest that the movie will star the talented Rana in the lead role. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how Varma builds upon the success of ‘Hanuman’ and what new cinematic magic he unveils with ‘Jai Hanuman.’

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