'DJ Tillu' Fame Praneeth Reddy Says, ‘I Want To Hold A Versatile ‘Tag’, Rather Than Being The Lead Actor

Praneeth Reddy

Praneeth Reddy


  • DJ Tillu fame Praneeth Reddy will be next seen in its sequel and is all happy being recognized as a versatile actor!
  • Being Vishwak’s best friend, he states that I was nowhere without his support!

Siddhu Jonnalagadda's 'DJ Tillu' movie created a new wave in Tollywood turning into a massive hit… Apart from Siddhu and Neha Shetty, even Praneeth Reddy who is better known as 'Marcus' rose to fame… His amazing screen presence, unique dialogue delivery and love for his bro Tillu made the audience get connected to his character. As of now, he is in the best phase of his career and is also part of the DJ Tillu sequel Tillu Square which has Anupama Parameswaran as the lead actress.

We Hans India had a small chat with Praneeth and thus applause his visionary thoughts… We also came across many interesting elements of his career… So, check the below write-up and know more about 'Marcus' aka Praneeth!!!

Hi Praneeth… How is life after DJ Tillu? Are you enjoying the success?

Yes completely…

First, let us know about your goal… Will you restrict yourself as a side actor or want to play a lead role in any movie?

It is not about the side or lead role; I wish to be recognized as a versatile actor who can essay any role and show off the depth of the character on the big screen.

Let’s dig out your childhood…

I was born and brought up in Old City, Hyderabad but my childhood seems to be cinematic, as it was filled with hardships. My father left us in childhood itself and thus my mother is a single parent. To run the household needs, I also worked in small shops as a sales boy and life was unbearable! I had no thoughts about my future… Even though I was below average in my academics my brother had a good hold on his studies!

Then how did you change the path of your life?

To have a change in this monotonous life, I moved to Chennai in 2010 and started working in the Puma store and CCD for daily needs. There I met a few small artists and this way I started being part of their discussions and developed an interest towards movies. They also encouraged me to give it a try and this made to travel to Prasad labs in Chennai and know more about the cinematic world.

Were you able to survive in Chennai as it is completely new world to you?

Yes… I faced small issues in the starting three months but locals helped me a lot and within less span of time I even learnt to speak fluent Tamil.

As you said, you were trying for chances in Chennai, then why did you come back to Hyderabad?

I tried a lot to explore myself in the Kollywood film industry but as there was huge competition, I returned to Hyderabad in 2012 with a lot of hopes as I had clarity on what is my goal…

Few words about your Chennai life…

I moved to Chennai when I had no clarity on my future, but that city made me survive in any condition. It made me build confidence and step back to Hyderabad with a complete new appeal and unique haircut!

A few words about your struggling days in Hyderabad as an actor…

I hold a good bond with Vishwak Sen and we are close buddies since childhood as he also resides in Old City itself. Those were the days when he was trying to build a strong base as an actor. We together acted in 'Pitta Kathalu' short film and it garnered us fame and received good response too. So, this way, we slowly started off to shape our careers.

Were you part of any acting courses?

No… As I said, my life is no less than cinema and it made me learn many things! Along with my group of friends, I began to shoot a few short films and this became our daily routine for a few days. Although there was no income generated, my brother supported our family with his job and also encouraged me through all my ups and downs.

All about your first movie offer…

Earlier I worked in a TV commercial and there I developed a good bond with the manager. So, he helped me in getting my first film offer. He said that the movie was a Kannada remake and was impressed with my unique haircut.

Your First Income:

1500… I earned this through the above-mentioned TV commercial.

What was your role in the first movie ‘Krishnamma Kalipindhi Iddharini’?

I essayed the role of the main antagonist in my first movie and didn’t face any difficulties in my audition too. But the issue was with my remuneration as they had no minimum courtesy towards the artists and argued a lot for giving us a small amount. But other co-artists advised me not to miss the chance.

Did these hurdles make you feel disappointed at any point of your career?

No… I never stepped back as I used to attend 4-5 auditions per day in order to prove my mettle and stay in touch with industry!!!

Did your friends support you in those struggling days?

Without my buddies, I am nowhere…

Witnessing you on the big screen what was your mother’s response?

She was very happy to witness me on the silver screen as I was playing the main antagonist role in Sudheer Babu's 'Krishnamma Kalipindhi Iddharini' movie. It was a completely joyous moment and thereafter people started developing a positive note on me…

Your Inspiration…

As I told you earlier, I was never interested to essay lead roles instead I want to create my own space just like Fahadh Faasil, Nana Patekar, Prakash Raj, Jagapathi Babu, Dhanush and a few other versatile actors.

Your Second Movie…

I essayed a small role in Naga Shaurya’s ‘Ammamma Gari Illu’ but after watching the movie in the theatres I was shocked to know that my character was completely removed in the editing part! Then I acted in ‘Manchu Kurisevelalo’ but it didn’t show its impact.

Then what was your next move?

At that struggling point, Vishwak's 'Vellipomake' movie gave us hope… As its rights were purchased by Dil Raju, it was a big moment for us and gave us much-needed confidence. Then Vishwak was also selected in the 'Enagaraniki' movie audition! This was the next big success moment for us… He then went to Kerala and came back purchasing the rights of ‘Angamaly Diaries’ which is titled 'Falaknamadas' in Telugu.

Who bankrolled that movie…

Vishwak's father produced the movie and then it turned into the biggest hit of our career. As it was our movie, right from managing the light boy work to essaying main roles, we put our blood and sweat to prove our mettle on the big screens! We even received applause from film industry biggies and from there people started recognizing me as 'Rinku'… Be it relatives or people who criticized us, with this one hit, they were impressed with this new angle in me. Even Nani anna's appreciation at the pre-release event, made my mother go teary-eyed! I essayed the role of the main antagonist in this movie too!

All about your next projects after ‘Falaknamadas’…

I worked with Vishwak for the 'Pagal' movie and then in 'Sehari' as one of the lead characters. In 'Rowdy Boys' also, I essayed the role of the main villain…

How did you bag the chance in your career’s showstopper ‘DJ Tillu’?

During my struggling days in the Srinagar colony, I met director Vimal Krishna and through him, I bagged this golden chance. After getting impressed with 'Falaknamadas' movie, Vimal offered me this role. One fine day, I received a call from the Sithara Entertainments office and they asked me to meet the director to discuss about a role in this movie.

Thereafter, I met Vimal at their office and was very thankful for offering this role. Although it was a small character, it changed my life… As I already had a good bond with Siddhu, there was no second thought! He also complimented me for the complete rugged look but as the movie demanded a soft look, I changed it completely.

Life after DJ Tillu…

Wonderful… But I never take success to my head, as I always wanted to prove myself as a versatile actor! Thereafter, I even left 7-8 offers as I felt the characters offered to me were not my cup of tea.

Dream Role:

I want to portray a challenging negative character in a youthful movie with a complete rugged appeal…

Next Project…

'DJ Tillu' sequel which is titled 'Tillu Square'… In the first part, my role was restricted to only a few scenes but in the sequel, it begins with my role itself and you will witness me on the big screen in a full-length role.

All About The Popular ‘Marcus’ Dialogue From DJ Tillu…

Initially, my character had much screen space in the movie but a few of them were removed in editing. So when I expressed my disappointment, Vimal and Siddhu came up with this thought and added this dialogue to the script. After it was screened in the trailer, I had no look back!!! Even my name in the movie created noise on social media... It was first named as 'Malkajgiri Marcus' and thereafter it was shortened to Marcus and this role showed off its mark…

All about your better-half Sindhu Priya Reddy…

Even though our marriage was an arranged one, my mother-in-law was very particular about picking the right one for her daughter. So, she observed me for a long time and then decided to proceed further. We are also blessed with my little prince Viyaan Reddy during the first lockdown and since then he became my lifeline and a big stress buster to me!!!

Your comment on nepotism…

I don’t believe in nepotism these days and I am happy being an outsider as there is no difference… As your talent speaks more about you, it gives you the much-needed attention.

Rapid Fire Section:

• Favourite Actor: Dhanush

• Favourite Actress: Samantha

Tollywood or Kollywood: Tollywood

OTT or Big Screens: Both

Bestie In The Industry: Vishwak Sen

What Is Cinema For You: God

Role Model – Myself

Suggestion for budding actors: As I said, your talent speaks more about you, it makes your way to success and being down to earth will carve your success path!

One word about Vishwak: Best brother and best friend, without him I am nowhere!

Finally, I thank my bestie Vishwak Sen as without him there is no Rinku character as it paved my success path…

Thank You Praneeth… Hope you reach the heights in your career!!!

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