Darshan Bares His Golden Heart Yet Again!

Darshan Bares His Golden Heart Yet Again!

Darshan Bares His Golden Heart Yet Again!


Sandalwood challenging star is setting a new trend in the Kannada film industry

Sandalwood challenging star is setting a new trend in the Kannada film industry. The actor always maintains a low profile during any events such as audio release, poster release, pre-release functions, press meet gatherings and so on which is contrary to the usual trend that is rampant in the cinema industry for many years.

Producers wait for years together after taking the call sheet of famous stars for their movies. The reason being that people come to theatres only after knowing who the hero of the film is. Hence the success of the movies is centered around the hero of the project.

But Darshan has been trying to break this tradition. He regards the producer as the hero, then comes director according to his definition. He is following the same principle while promoting his latest movie "Roberrt".

During the pre-release function of Roberrt that took place in the Telugu state, the actor has said that Jagapathi Babu is the center of attraction in this movie and added that this movie revolves around Jagapathi Babu's character.

Darshan has also said that producer Umapathi is the first hero of this movie. Darshan always makes way for his subordinates first on any stage during group photo sessions.

During the pre-release program at Hubballi, Darshan was seen sitting in the midst of 3-4 rows. Usually, a few special seats are reserved for lead actors in the front row during every function. During this function, all the crew members including people who are playing minor roles in Roberrt were also made to assemble on the dias.

Dharma, Dileep, Tejaswini Prakash, Ishwarya Prasad, Sonal, Shivaraj K R Pete, Chikkanna were made to gather on the Dias. Even those who have not worked in the movie like Abhishek Ambareesh, son of Zameer Ahmed, young actor Dhruvan were called on to the Dias. In the present times when stories are written purely keeping the lead actor in mind, Darshan always maintains a low profile by declaring that he is not the hero of his movies.

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