Headhunting to Beatboxing: AR Rahman shares first look of his music documentary at Cannes

Headhunting to Beatboxing: AR Rahman shares first look of his music documentary at Cannes

 AR Rahman shares first look of his music documentary at Cannes


AR Rahman debuts his music documentary ‘Headhunting to Beatboxing’ at Cannes, exploring music's journey across cultures. Directed by Rohit Gupta, produced by Rahman.

AR Rahman, the Oscar-winning music composer, has introduced his latest project, a music documentary titled ‘Headhunting to Beatboxing.’ The documentary was unveiled at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Rohit Gupta and produced by AR Rahman, this film explores the fascinating journey of rhythm and sound across different countries, tribes, and generations.

‘Headhunting to Beatboxing’ is a feature-length documentary that delves deep into the world of music. It traces the evolution of music and its impact on societies over time. AR Rahman shared his thoughts on the project, saying, "Music has this transformative power to change society and to connect and bring relevance to existence. Headhunting to Beatboxing is a celebration of this universal rhythm that unites humanity in its diverse expressions."

The documentary was launched at the Bharat Pavilion in Cannes. The event saw the presence of several notable figures, including AR Rahman, director Rohit Gupta, and executive producer Abu Metha. Rahman also shared the first look of the documentary on Instagram, much to the delight of his fans.

Abu Metha, an advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, revealed the inspiration behind the documentary. He mentioned that the idea for the film came up during AR Rahman's visit to Nagaland for the Hornbill Festival. He said, "The germ of the idea came up when AR Rahman visited Nagaland to be part of the legendary Hornbill Festival. We knew we had to be part of it. The film is a collaboration of many creative minds, especially the TaFMA and masterfully captured by director Rohit Gupta."

The film is AR Rahman's second major production venture, following his earlier project ‘99 Songs.’ The team behind ‘Headhunting to Beatboxing’ includes executive producers Abu Metha, Adam J Greig, Theja Meru, Rohit Gupta, Sheila Houlahan, and Rohhit Daas. The documentary highlights the musicians of Nagaland, who share their timeless stories and showcase the aspirations of the youth through their music.

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