Magnificient Heritage Luxury Jewellery Brand Sangeeta Boochra & Silver Centrre!

Magnificient Heritage Luxury Jewellery Brand Sangeeta Boochra & Silver Centrre!
Mr Abhineet Boochra with Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra

It's the story of an Iconic Company Silver Centrre and the brand Sangeeta Boochra which became a huge stepping stone with its designs that are an ode to the art of the Mughal Era.

It's the story of an Iconic Company Silver Centrre and the brand Sangeeta Boochra which became a huge stepping stone with its designs that are an ode to the art of the Mughal Era.

They have been jewellery makers since 1897. Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra, father in law to country's Greatest Jewelry Designer Mrs. Sangeeta Boochra and Ex. Ficci Flo India President Mrs. Neeta Boochra and Grandson Mr.Abhineet Boochra, was the first to envision the company and passed on the baton to his Daughter in Laws and further on to his Grandson. He encouraged his young "Bahu" to step out of the kitchen confines and enter the male-dominated world of jewellery designing. Mrs Sangeeta Boochra was most ardent as she found her artistic anchor in her newfound passion.

The client list of the brand includes Celebrities, Heads of States, Royal Families of the World from Her Highness Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of England to The Nizam's of Hyderabad to John. F. Kennedy President of United States to Audrey Hepburn, Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra. The brand is seen in various Movies as Official Jewellery Partner. As you hear Sangeeta Boochra's story, you believe that a Father-In-Law can also be a mentor. It takes a real father figure to do that. Sangeeta remains eternally grateful for this inheritance of art and business. Just as they would say in the Shekhawati dialect, "Ma thane ghano samman desyu" which translates to"I give you great respect" for restoring the magnificence of the royalty and making it available for all of us.

Mapping the journey of India's Heritage & Luxury Jewellery Company Silver Centrre and Birth of Sangeeta Boochra as a brand.


Silver Centrre, a name that has enthralled senses of every jewellery lover was an early initiative of Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra. He founded the Company in 1897. It was founded as the Bullion Trading Company, which used to trade Raw Bullion of Silver. He started the company with a seed capital of Rs 10.


Bought his first place inside the walled city called Pink City Jaipur, for the trading of Bullion. The transaction value was Rs 849 per day. This place is today the flagship store of the company at 234 Johari Bazar, Jaipur.


Transaction value crossed Rs 10,000 mark per day for the first time ever.


He partnered with his friend Seth Bishambhar Das Maheshwari from Mumbai and started purchasing Silver Bullion from North and Eastern Regions of India. While his friend was responsible for Western and South India.


Formed The Bullion Association Limited in 1926. The only Association for trading metals. The Association made a huge name for itself and became the one and only of its kind in North India. It was the 1st fully active Association for trading in Silver. The size of Construction in 1926 was close to 2 lac sq ft for the Bullion Building.


From 1927 – 1932 all of North and East India's Silver was purchased solely by Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra. 1933

Such were the man's accomplishments and the goodwill that followed suit, that he was honored by the title of 'The Silver King of India'. He made the association reach great heights and remained the President of the Association for 40 years.


During the period of Second World War - he started buying Silver from Rs 35 per kg between 1934 - 1939. The price went down till Rs 7 per kg, but as the war came to an end - the prices rocketed to cross Rs 100 per kg, this is when he sold his inventory and was given the title as the " Bullion King of India ".


Partnered with banks like UCO, Oriental Bank of Commerce for counting of Currency - the banks opened their small branches inside his office where they used to sit, count and collect money, due to the volume of transaction.


He purchased the entire Train filled with Silver Bars, this step shook the State of Rajasthan as nobody has ever dared to buy so much of silver in one go. He was given the Title " SILVERMAN "


Opened Manufacturing Units outside the walled city and around Jaipur.


He was honored as Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association. Transaction value crossed Rs 1 Crore mark per day.


Visionary Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra, son of Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra joined the business. He was a very sharp and Astute Businessman. He could predict the future by his Far Sightedness hence saw an Opportunity of Transforming the Bullion Business into Jewellery.


He converted his fathers Bullion Trading Business into Jewellery and Artifacts. And opened the first Store of Silver Centrre in Jaipur. Designs and vintage pieces from the treasure land of India could all be found here.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England visited Silver Centrre on April 6, 1961, and awarded Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra as a token of appreciation for his great work in the field of Art and Culture.


Morarji Desai, then finance minister, came out with Gold Control Act, 1962, which recalled all gold loans given by banks and banned forward trading in goldand silver.


John F Kennedy President of United States visited Silver Centrre, Jaipur on March 2, 1963 - the token of appreciation for great work in the field of Art was given to Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra.


He opened Multiple Manufacturing units for Jewellery Production, started visiting interiors of Rajasthan and other states of India to meet the Artisans.


Exports started, under the guidance of Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra to countries like The United States of America, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong.


Under the Vision of Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra, the company received great Recognition and Appreciation for its efforts in the Jewellery Trade and henceforth was awarded every now and then for maintaining The Purest and Highest Quality of Gold and Silver in all its Jewellery.


Imported Machines for making jewellery from France and Germany.


Production of Tribal jewellery was started for the first time which took the city like a wave. Stamping of 925 on every product using the Italian technique was Incorporated in the Company. The land was purchased on the outskirts of the city for expansion.


Production capacity doubled to 300 kgs a month for Jewellery. The name started to spread across the country and traders from different cities started visiting the store for making their purchases.


Sangeeta Boochra got married to Sudeep Boochra on 2nd February.

It's in this year on 13th November " Mr Abhineet Boochra " Grandson of Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra and Son of Sangeeta Boochra was born.


Participation in various trade fairs across the world started mainly India, Japan, USA, Italy.


All Government Emporiums, National Museums endorsed Silver Centrre manufactured Jewellery as Authentic with best Purity and Quality and termed them as Heirloom Jewellers , their jewellery can be passed on to the Generations to come.


Breakthrough period for the Company as Sangeeta Boochra joined Silver Centrre as a Designer on perusal of her father-in-law Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra. Establishing of the brand " Sangeeta Boochra ".

Today the Company has 45 stores, 3 factories, design studios and a workforce of 2000 people.

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