'Khan & Kumar' and 'Ammi Media' present GOING SOLO – a story of going beyond boundaries

Khan & Kumar and Ammi Media present GOING SOLO – a story of going beyond boundaries

Long-distance endurance cyclists defy norms to follow their heart

'Khan & Kumar' and 'Ammi Media' present GOING SOLO – a documentary based on two Indian women long-distance cyclists. The film is directed by Ameya Gore and produced by tech-entrepreneur Sharib Khan and actor Vikas Kumar.

Gareema Shankar (44) and Renu Singhi (58) joined the league of cyclists much after their marriage and broke many societal cycles in order to hold the bars of their bicycles. As they take the unconventional path and defy conforming to traditional gender roles, the documentary throws light upon the struggles they have faced in order to pursue the field of their passion shunning down obstacles that have come their way in a conservative society.

‘Going Solo’ explores the inner & outer journeys of these two women, following them before, during and after one of the world’s most prestigious endurance cycling events – London-Edinburgh-London (LEL), where Renu, a grandmother, became the First Indian Woman in LEL history to complete the 1,540 kms challenge within the official time limit of 125 hrs.

The documentary seeks to present itself at International Film Festivals and is more than half way through its completion enveloping cities of Delhi, Raiwala, Ooty, Jaipur, Jodhpur, London and Scotland around which the story meanders. Contented with the documentary’s treatment as it is more than 60% through completion, producer Vikas Kumar said, “Our documentary will hopefully inspire every person who has ever felt that ‘they could, but did not'. Women, especially, give up on their ambitions and passions while embracing marriage and motherhood. Through ‘Going Solo' we want to ignite the flame in every heart to pursue their 'freedom' and believe that it is never too late if your heart really desires for it. We are excited with the way the documentary has emerged until now and are looking forward to shooting the rest of the film, editing it and carrying out post production, and are hopeful it will be received well by audiences."

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