Don't Let Water Damage Slow You Down- Choose Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak, Image source: Bajaj

Bajaj Chetak, Image source: Bajaj


These days, a lot of people have started investing in electric vehicles. They are practical, cost-efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly.

These days, a lot of people have started investing in electric vehicles. They are practical, cost-efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly. Electric scooters have emerged as the best alternative to public transport for daily commuters. You can simply charge the scooter overnight and travel throughout the day without any hiccups!

But one of the key challenges people face regarding electric scooters is water damage. This is a huge problem, especially during monsoons. Once the water reaches the battery, it is game over for the scooter. So, is not taking out your electric scooter on a rainy day the only solution? Slow down because we have the perfect pick for you. Read ahead to learn about the water-resistant electric scooter that lets you cruise through the city without worrying!

Bajaj Chetak, Image source: Bajaj

Check Out the Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter

With its highly advanced technology, the Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is making waves in the market. Fully clad with a metal body, the Bajaj Chetak is safe, secure, and perfect even for beginners. The seamless steel unibody of the scooter protects it from any external damage. Here are thekey highlights of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter:

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Battery and Water Resistance

The key reason why Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is turning out to be a favourite amongst riders is because of its IP67 water resistance rating. Bajaj has designed the electric scooter keeping the Indian weather conditions as the focus point. The scooter also has flush-fitted exteriors to remove water, keeping the battery safe. The technologically advanced electric scooter performs excellently in hot, rainy, dusty or flooded areas.

Bajaj has used high-quality lithium-ion cells sourced from the best global manufacturers for excellent performance. Apart from the IP67 water resistance feature, the Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is also equipped with a highly-efficient heat transfer solution by using a powerful fan which cools down the scooter battery any time it overheats.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Range

The Bajaj Chetak is designed to offer a high-leading range of 90 km. However, please remember that the range offered by any vehicle depends on varying factors such as type of terrain, weather, distance and the rider's driving style.

Bajaj Scooter Ergonomics

The scooter has three different modes- Eco, Sports and Reverse. When in Eco mode, the new Chetak scooter detects whether you need more speed, switching automatically to the Sports mode and then back to Eco mode as per usage. The Reverse mode comes in handy when you have to reverse out of any place smoothly. The electric scooter has been launched as a premium model in four colours- Indigo metallic, Hazelnut, VellutoRusso, and Brooklyn Black.

The electric scooter has a new LCD console and body colour-matched mirrors that enhance the scooter's aesthetics. Apart from this, the scooter has Bluetooth connectivity, geo-fencing, tamper alert, OTA updates, and the Chetak App to keep tabs on the scooter's information.

Bajaj Scooter Charge Cycle

Equipped with a Lithium-ion battery, the Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter can be charged with the help of a 220V, 5A three-pin socket. The charging cable and adapter will be given to you by Bajaj, along with the electric scooter. One of the key advantages you get with Bajaj Chetak is that it takes around four hours to fully charge the scooter, which is an advantage if you are a daily commuter. You won't have to leave the scooter on charge overnight and overcharge the battery, which can result in ruining the battery's performance.

Please note that if you reside in an area where voltage fluctuation is common, you can also opt for Chetak branded home charge box, which will maintain the voltage once the current passes from the charge supply. It will keep your new Chetak scooter safe throughout.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Price

Bajaj Chetak is one of the most affordable electric scooters with unique features. The ex-showroom price of Bajaj Chetak stands at INR 120,983. Since it's an electric vehicle, it is also eligible for a subsidy as per government rules and regulations. You can check the subsidy in the price break-up once you book the new Chetak scooter. You can also contact your nearest Bajaj Chetak dealership to enquire about the electric scooter price and subsidy for more clarity.

Tips to Take Care of Electric Scooters During Monsoon

Here are some essential tips that you need to follow during the monsoon season to keep your Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter in mint condition-

● Clean your scooter regularly and remove the dirt, debris, and mud stuck on the tyres or scooter body. Once you get back home, dry it with the help of a cloth. Though it's not a necessity, one must always clean their vehicle to safeguard it.

● Check your tyres thoroughly as the chances of slipping on the wet road increase due to less friction. If possible, avoid riding through the deep puddles - not because your Bajaj Electric Scooter will stop working but because you might fall if the pothole is deep.

Join the Wagon and Book Your Electric Scooter Today

Deciding which electric scooter to buy is a daunting task. However, the water resistance feature, among many others, makes Bajaj Chetak the top choice amongst riders. Visit your nearest dealership today, book a test drive, and witness why Bajaj Chetak is one of India's top choice!

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