Honda Cars India delisted Jazz & WR-V from its India website

Honda Cars India delisted Jazz & WR-V from its India website

Honda Cars India delisted Jazz & WR-V from its India website


  • Honda cars were very popular in the Indian market 6 years ago, but it is not the same now
  • The company presently delisted the Jazz, WR-V and city 4th gen from its India website
  • In the Indian market, Honda is offering only Amaze and city 5th gen

Honda cars used to be a common household name in Indian household but it has changed in the previous 6 years. Honda has failed to live up to its glory in the Indian market because of aging products and emission norms. The company has presently delisted the Jazz, WR-V and City 4th gen from its India website. With this Honda has now officially sell only Amaze and City 5th gen in the Indian market.

Honda might launch new compact SUV for the Indian market in order to take on likes of Hyundai Creta and Kia seltos manufactured by its competitors.

The Indian car market is presently experiencing the boom like never before, as numerous manufacturers are doing best sales for the year in India, unfortunately Honda, has not been able to cash in the opportunity. The same was not the case earlier, few years back, for Honda, India was one of the Top markets for Southeast Asia and in previous 2 decades Honda has enjoyed quite a successful run in the Indian market. But things seem to have taken a turn and the brand is presently finding hard to sell decent numbers in the Indian market.

Numerous manufacturers are trying their best to develop products for the Indian market, Honda has failed to keep up with the evolving Indian customers. The company has discontinued about 9 cars in past six years of period in the Indian market. It is definitely worrisome for the company, as of its product are pulled out of the market by the brand then definitely something is not on the right track.

In the year, 2017, Honda has discontinued the Brio and Mobilo, then Accord, Civic, CR-V, BR-V and Jazz diesel in the year 2020. Presently Honda has pulled the plug on the WR-V Jazz and City 4th gen from the Indian market.

Recently, the news regarding Honda introducing the new compact SUV to rival the likes of Creta as well as Seltos has surfaced, until the Product makes it to the product nothing much to be spoken about the state of the affairs of Honda Cars India.

Honda being an international automobile giant must consider reworking its strategy for the Indian market. Probably new upcoming SUV from the company might have perfect recipe to skyrocket the sales of Honda cars in India but that is a question, that would be answered in the later half of the year.

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