Water crisis hits Kakinada citizens hard

Water crisis hits Kakinada citizens hard

Breaking of pipelines also leads to water scarcity

Kakinada: Both water shortage and fixing of motors to municipal taps are making the people of Smart City Kakinada to face acute drinking water crisis. Many people alleged that the Kakinada Municipal Corporation (KMC) authorities have failed to predict drinking water needs of the city.

With the advent of summer, canals will be closed and consequently people have to face the problem of non-availability of drinking water. Besides, breakage of pipelines also one of the reasons for the water crisis. Locals criticised that despite numerous complaints, the KMC authorities are quite indifferent and callous to their problems. For the last one week, residents of Jaggannacikpur, Gandhinagar, old bus stand and other areas in the city are not getting water.

Another issue that makes many people deprived of drinking water is fixing motors to municipal taps. Some people draw more water through these motors fixed to the taps, leaving others without their regular water supply.

People residing in low-lying areas are the worst victims, particularly those living in Narasanna Nagar, Yetimoga, Pasterpet, Karanamgari Junction, MSN Charities, Pulavari street, Gandhinagar and other adjoining areas in the city. People demanded not to supply water to those, who are drawing water by fixing motors to their pumps and necessary action also should be taken against them. People residing in low-lying areas demanded for supply of water through water tanks.

Some people criticised that even though they are paying water and house taxes, they are getting inadequate water and they are facing lot of problems in summer owing to lack of water. They stated that this situation repeats every year, despite several complaints and appeals to the authorities concerned. They demanded KMC Special Officer and District Collector Krithika Shukla to take steps to provide water without any gap during summer.

For the people of Kakinada there are two reservoirs available, one at Samalkot and other at Aratlakatta. According to sources, 40 MLD of water is being supplied from Aratlakatta reservoir instead of 60 MLD. Due to the shortage of supply from Aratlakatta and Samalkot reservoirs, people are facing acute shortage of water.

Kakinada Municipal Corporation Superintendent Engineer P Satya Kumari told The Hans India that it is true that residents of Kakinada are not getting water due to water shortage in Somolkot canal and pipeline interconnection works. But, she stated, that 80 per cent of the problem was solved and the remaining issues will be solved in a couple of days. Stating that Kakinada requires 60 MLD of water, she said they are getting sufficient supply of water from canals. However, in view of the closure of canals in April last week the problem of shortage of water may arise. But they are likely to solve the problem and water supply would be continued without interruption. SE Satya Kumar appealed to the people to avoid using or wasting drinking water for other purposes.

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