Visakhapatnam West: After 40 years of monopoly, ‘Petakamsetti clan’ on shaky ground

Visakhapatnam West: After 40 years of monopoly, ‘Petakamsetti clan’ on shaky ground

TDP MLA PGVR Naidu (Ganababu) has registered two consecutive wins from the constituency

Visakhapatnam: ‘Petakamsetti clan’ which has been reigning Visakhapatnam west constituency for the past 40 years finds a section of supporters drifting away from its clutch.

Probably, this is the first time, the family of MLA PGVR Naidu (Ganababu) is facing such an unfavourable environment in the constituency.

The TDP gave B-Form to Ganababu and his father Petakamsetti Appalanarasimham. However, a section of leaders from the party is now opposing it. They express concern over allotting a ticket to one family for ages. “In such a scenario, how will the new blood get a chance? Those who have been working for the party for decades will be deprived of an opportunity. Also, the young leaders will stay away from the fray because of the monopoly,” they opine.

Ganababu served as an MLA for three terms in the west constituency. Subsequently, he aims to get a fourth chance as a contesting candidate. In case he wins in the ensuing polls, it would be a hat-trick for him as it will be the third consecutive term for him as an MLA. Earlier, Ganababu registered victory in 2004.

In 2014 polls, Dadi Ratnakar from YSRCP and Ganababu from TDP contested in the constituency, while Ganababu won by 30,857 a majority of votes. In 2019, Ganababu won for the second consecutive term with a majority of 18,981 votes against Malla Vijaya Prasad, who contested from YSRCP ticket.

When it comes to caste equations, the constituency is dominated by Kapu, Gavara and Yadava communities. A large chunk of the constituency also includes SCs.

Raising their voice, a section of leaders belonging to Kapu and Yadava communities intend to break the castle built by the ‘Petakamsetti clan’. Opposing Ganababu’s candidature, TDP general secretary Pasarla Varaha Venkata Prasad and VSN Murthy Yadav appealed to the party high command to consider them for the party ticket.

For the past 33 years, Pasarla Varaha Venkata Prasad has been serving the TDP in various capacities. He belongs to the Turpukapu community. In 2007, he served as 72nd ward corporator. Prasad also rendered his service as Simhachalam Devasthanam Trust Board member. Keeping his long stint in view, he approached the party high command to consider him as a potential candidate for the west constituency as he severed ties with Ganababu.

VSN Murthy Yadav from the Yadava community has been serving the TDP for the past four decades in various capacities. Currently, he is essaying the role of party observer of Chodavaram and state secretary of TDP. From the beginning, he has been opposing Ganababu.

For long, both Prasad and Murthy Yadav have been labelling Ganababu as a ‘traitor’ of the TDP. They pointed out that he has been staying away from the party activities after he got elected as an MLA in 2019. “Also, Ganababu made sure that no other leader grew in the constituency. He failed in making the TDP candidates win in the GVMC elections. Of the 14 TDP candidates, only four from the west constituency could win in the polls. It is a clear indication of the anti-incumbency that exists in the constituency,” they reason.

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