Tomato prices plummet 10 times in 2 months

Tomato prices plummet 10 times in 2 months

  • Cost of 28-kg crate falls to `200 from `2,000 in May
  • Madanapalle market receives over 1,000 tonnes daily

Madanapalle: From Rs 2000 plus in mid-May for a 28 kg crate, tomato prices have plummeted to Rs 200 now in Madanapalle market. The tomato markets in Madanapalle, Mulakalacheruvu and other areas of western parts were getting huge quantities of tomatoes causing much agony to the farmers and respite to the consumers as the prices have dwindled to a new low this season.

The abundant supply coupled with rains everywhere have resulted in the price fall. In retail markets at Tirupati they were sold between Rs 10-20 per kg as against Rs 100 plus just two months ago.

Probably, no other commodity may experience so many fluctuations like tomatoes which always make the farmers gamble. During the second and third weeks of May only, the prices of tomatoes in Madanapalle market yard which is said to be the biggest one the prices hovered around Rs 2000 per crate of 28 kgs. Needless to say that in March this year tomatoes were sold for around Rs 2 per kg at the market yard due to huge supplies. But within two months, there was a sharp decline in yield while the demand soared causing inflationary prices. At that time only less than 200 tonnes of tomato used to come to the market daily in Madanapalle.

But the situation has changed in recent times and now the daily inflow of tomatoes at the market yard was over 1000 tonnes and even reaching 1500 tonnes.

Speaking to The Hans India, a trader in the market yard SK Masthan said that on Saturday, one crate (28 kgs) of A-grade tomatoes were priced at Rs 200-250 depending on the quality. The price of a B-grade tomato crate was around Rs 150. Last week they were sold at Rs 500-700 per crate.

Now more crop has been coming from the neighbouring areas of Sri Sathya Sai district while in Chittoor district also the crop was cultivated in more acres expecting huge returns with high prices and now feeling the pinch of low prices.

Further, due to heavy rains everywhere, the demand fell steeply and even exports to other states have come down. This glut may be continued for some more time and if the rate falls further, it will hit the farmers hard.

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