Srikakulam: Internal rifts loom large on YSRCP, TDP LS nominees

Srikakulam: Internal rifts loom large on YSRCP, TDP LS nominees

Official candidates of both parties in Assembly constituencies are grappling with rebels, which is going reflect in the support to Lok Sabha candidates

Srikakulam : Both YSRCP and TDP Lok Sabha candidates in Srikakulam are facing difficulties in getting support from their own party leaders in different Assembly segments. There are seven segments in Srikakulam Lok Sabha constituency. They are Itchapuram, Palasa, Tekkali, Narasannapeta, Srikakulam, Amadalavalasa and Pathapatnam. Perada Tilak is YSRCP candidate for the Lok Sabha while Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu is TDP candidate.

In Amadalavalasa, YSRCP candidate Tammineni Sitaram is facing threat from the own party leaders Suvvari Gandhi who decided to contest as rebel candidate and other dissident leaders of the party, Chintada Ravi Kumar, Kota Ramana Murthy and Kota Govinda Rao who are unhappy with the MLA candidate which will affect the MP candidate also.

In Narasannapeta also, YSRCP MLA candidate Dharmana Krishna Das is facing difficult situation as the Velama Corporation chairman Panga Bavaji Naidu and DCCB former chairman Dola Jagan Mohan Rao had resigned from the party and joined in TDP. Here also rifts in Assembly constituency are going to dent the LS candidate’s chances.

In Tekkali, YSRCP MLA candidate Duvvada Srinivas is facing trouble with resignation of former Central minister Killi Kruparani from the party and also facing difficulties from his own family members. His own brother, Duvvada Srikanth resigned from YSRCP and joined TDP. On the other hand, Srinivas is also having differences with his wife, D Vani. YSRCP MP candidate, P Tilak is not having good relations with the MLA candidates and other mandal level leaders in the Assembly segment.

In Srikakulam Assembly constituency, with denial of ticket for TDP former MLA Gunda Lakshmidevi, a section of party leaders are staying away from the TDP official MLA and MP candidates Gondu Sankar and Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu. Both the leaders are making strong efforts to win the hearts of the dissident leaders in the segment.

In Narasannapeta, TDP denied Assembly ticket for Dr Baggu Srinivasa Rao who is son of the party senior leader Baggu Lakshmana Rao. As a result, Lakshmana Rao and Baggu Rama Krishna’s followers are reticent in supporting TDP MLA candidate Baggu Ramana Murthy and the party Srikakulam MP candidate Rammohan Naidu, blaming Rammohan Naidu for denial of ticket.

In Pathapatnam also, differences within the TDP reached a peak stage as the party senior leader and former MLA Kalamata Venkata Ramana turned rebel candidate after denial of party ticket. Since then, the rebel leader Venkata Ramana is campaigning against the TDP and announced that he is working for defeat of the TDP MP candidate Rammohan Naidu accusing him of hatching a plan to suppress him politically by influencing the TDP high command.

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