Madanapalle: Price fall hits tomato farmers

Price fall hits tomato farmers

Price fall hits tomato farmers 


  • Most of them are leaving the produce in fields or throwing on roadside to avoid further losses
  • Except for A-Grade tomatoes which are arriving in lesser quantity, the average price is Rs 3 to Rs 5 in famous Madanapalle market yard

Madanapalle(Annamayya district): Heavy rainfall degraded the quality of tomatoes in Madanapalle region resulting in steep fall in the prices. Most of the farmers left the produce in fields and on roads as the price was not viable to take it to the market yard. For the past few days, tomato prices have been falling again which is varying between Rs 3 to 5 at Madanapalle market yard. Only A-grade quality tomatoes which are coming to the market in less quantity are being sold at a maximum rate of Rs 8 to 10 per kg.

A farmer from B Kothakota of Thamballapalle constituency told 'The Hans India' that they need to spend around Rs 1.25 to 1.5 lakh per acre on tomato cultivation. He said that if they get the price of around Rs 10 per kg, they can get a profit of about Rs 60,000 per acre.

He said the demand of the crop decreased suddenly due to which they are incurring losses.

As the prices crossed Rs 50 per kg in the market yards earlier, the farmers cultivated the crop in more than 20,000 hectare in Rayalaseema region. But due to huge production and heavy rainfall both price and quality of the tomatoes went below graph.

Instead of spending more for labour to harvest the crop, transport costs, payment of commissions at market yard, etc., several farmers are leaving the crop in the fields.

Further, virus, dew and other factors will affect the crop due to the incessant rains resulting in a huge loss of yield in the coming days. However, the retail consumers were still paying between Rs 10 to Rs 20 per kg depending on the quality in local markets.

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