Andhra Pradesh: Highway toll tax hike from April 1

Highway toll tax hike from April 1

Highway toll tax hike from April 1


  • Lorry owners to face burden of the toll tax hike
  • Over 3L lorries, other transport vehicles in AP to be hit
  • Tax increase to be between 5% to 10%

Vijayawada: Road-users, especially those who travel on highways, get ready for increased toll tax from April 1. The Union Government has decided to increase the toll tax on all national highways. The increase in toll tax would be between 5 percent to 10 percent depending upon the vehicle one is using.

The major burden of the hike in toll tax would have to be borne by the transporters. Not just that, the hike in toll tax will also have a cascading effect on all goods, including essentials and the common man will have to burn a bigger hole in his pocket.

Andhra Pradesh is one state where over three lakh lorries and transport vehicles are operated. It provides livelihood to several lakh workers, including drivers, cleaners, mechanics, petrol bunk staff and helps in revenue generation for the state governments and Union Government. Each truck provides jobs for at least 10 workers.

While the common man is worried about the further increase in the prices of all goods, the transport sector which is suffering due to increase in cost of maintenance would face greater problems. Though the increased cost would be passed on to the users, there is every possibility of a dip in the users cutting down on transport expenses through different means.

Andhra Pradesh Lorry Owners' Association (APLOA) general secretary Y V Eswara Rao said the diesel price in Vijayawada was about Rs 100 a litre and the lorry owners are facing the burden of road tax, insurance, maintenance expenses, payment of salaries etc. He said the Central government should revise its decision and permit the toll plaza contractors to hike rates once in five years.

There are 58 toll gates on the highways in Andhra Pradesh and more than three lakh lorries and other goods transport vehicles are operated in Andhra Pradesh. They need to pay road tax every quarter whether the vehicles are used or not. Salaries too must be paid to the staff and now comes the hike in toll tax. This can adversely affect the transport industry, the lorry owners rue.

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